Gallagher Bassett Bitesize Training 

Gallagher Bassett Risk Consulting has developed a programme of virtual one-hour on-line training courses on various subjects to help support you identify and address the risks you face. The training will dynamically address important subjects and support our clients in a challenging and changing world. We are no longer reliant on classroom environments and can utilise our technology to bring this training directly to your employees’ homes and offices without risk.

We provide modules on the following training courses: 

- Health & Safety

- Enterprise Risk Management 

- Fleet Training 

Training Courses & Times: 

Health & Safety Courses: Dates Available:      
Accident Investigation and Defensibility

11/07/2022 (AM)

25/08/2022 (PM)



Asbestos Awareness

11/07/2022 (PM)

4/08/2022 (AM)



Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Responsibility

26/07/2022 (PM)

22/09/2022 (AM)



Employee Stress

12/07/2022 (AM)

18/08/2022 (PM)



Health and Safety Risk Assessment

06/07/2022 (AM)

30/08/2022 (PM)




25/07/2022 (AM)

05/09/2022 (PM)




16/08/2022 (AM)

30/09/2022 (PM)



Lighting in Car Parks

29/06/2022 (PM)

12/07/2022 (PM)

05/09/2022 (AM)


Lone Working and Personal Safety

25/07/2022 (PM)

21/09/2022 (AM)



Managing Occ Health & Heath Surveillance (new)

21/07/2022 (AM)

22/09/2022 (PM)



Managing Violence and Aggression

10/08/2022 (AM)

21/09/2022 (PM)



Managing Volunteers

05/07/2022 (AM)

16/08/2022 (PM)



Overview of Sentencing - Definitive Guidelines (new)

25/08/2022 (AM)

16/09/2022 (PM)



PPE - Updated Regulations (NEW)

03/08/2022 (AM)

15/09/2022 (PM)



Slips Trips and Falls

06/07/2022 (PM)

19/09/2022 (AM)



Wearable Technology and Claims Defensibility

23/06/2022 (AM)

04/08/2022 (PM)

16/09/2022 (AM)


Enterprise Risk Management Courses:
Dates Available:      
Integrating Risk and Business Continuity Management 

15/08/2022 (AM)

26/09/2022 (PM)



Managing the Risks of our Future Workplace and Workforce 

21/07/2022 (PM)

30/09/2022 (AM)



Project Risk Management

26/07/2022 (AM)

06/09/2022 (PM)



Risk Appetite and Tolerance 

07/07/2022 (AM)

30/09/2022 (PM)



Risk Culture and Organisational Resilience 

19/07/2022 (PM)

07/09/2022 (AM)



Risk Perception

07/07/22 (PM)

24/08/2022 (AM)



Running a Risk Workshop

27/06/2022 (PM)

05/07/2022 (PM)

06/09/22 (AM)


Stress Risk Management

19/08/2022 (AM)

28/09/2022 (PM)



Supply Chain Risk Management (NEW) 09/08/2022 (AM)  27/09/2022 (PM)    
Well Managed Highways

23/06/2022 (PM)

19/07/2022 (AM)

24/08/2022 (PM)


Fleet Training Courses: Dates Available:      
Alcohol and Drug Awareness

14/07/2022 (AM)

02/09/2022 (PM)



Health and Safety for Drivers 

28/06/2022  (AM)

02/08/2022 (PM)

08/09/2022 (AM)


Managing Driver Wellbeing, Impairment and Fatigue

08/07/2022 (PM)

02/09/2022 (AM)



Post Collision Investigation


15/09/2022 (AM)



Site and Vehicle Safety 

20/07/2022 (AM)

13/09/2022 (PM)



Understanding your O'Licence inc. Preventing Bridge Strikes 

27/06/2022 (PM)

19/08/2022 (AM)

08/09/2022 (PM)


Vulnerable Road Users




14/07/2022 (PM)

13/09/2022 (AM)


AM Courses will commence at 1100hrs with a duration of one hour.

PM Courses will commence at 1400hrs with a duration of one hour.

Cost: £50 per delegate per course 

*Exclusive courses can be arranged as required.

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Gallagher Bassett Trainers 
Ash photo-2
Ashley Easen 
Director Risk Consulting 
Ashley joined Gallagher Bassett in 2016. Ashley has worked in the field of risk management and insurance for the last 20 years in a number of leadership roles within the public sector and is experienced in designing and embedding risk management frameworks. Prior to joining Gallagher Bassett, she was responsible for all risk related services for a large County Council. Ashley has a degree in Risk Management and regularly presents at ALARM conferences and events.
Carl photo-1
Carl Dunckley 
Manager Risk Consulting 
Carl began his risk management career in the NHS before making a move into investment banking to broaden his skills and experience. Carl has been part of Gallagher Bassett for over 18 years and serves a client base located in London, the South and South East counties. He has provided support to a vast number of clients across public sector, commercial sector, and third sector industries, enhancing risk management systems, developing risk-aware cultures, and reducing organisational liabilities.
 Sandra Macdonald-Ames
 Fleet Risk Manager
Sandra has recently joined Gallagher Basset and brings with her over 15 years extensive fleet experience. She has advised major companies on how to manage their fleet collision risk, written fleet and driver policies and designed interventions to reduce specific areas of concern. Additional work has included FORS auditing and the delivery of driver offender courses. Sandra holds both a MSc and PhD in driver behaviour which were focussed around the blue light sector. Her PhD considered the impact that lights and sirens can have on the emergency driver’s acceptance of risk.
Roger photo-1
Roger Lye
Risk Consultant 
Roger has over 25 years of risk management experience gained from a career in the insurance and services sectors. His primary responsibilities involve providing consultancy and training support to his portfolio of public sector clients across the Midlands, North Wales and Northern England on a variety of risk matters including, health and safety, highways and housing.
David Wade 
Risk Consultant 
David has worked within Health and Safety / Risk Management for 15 years. With a varied career starting within the Armed Forces, he subsequently gained frontline experience within the Renewables, Facilities Management and Education sectors respectively. A qualified Health and safety professional with the institution of Occupational Safety and Health, David maintains a wealth of practical experience in the provision of advice and guidance, development of policies and procedures, and training. His primary responsibilities involve providing consultancy and training support to his portfolio of clients across the South West, Wales and Midlands.
bryan_adobespark (1)
Byran McCracken 
Risk Consultant 
Bryan has worked within Health and Safety / Risk Management for 29 years. His career started within the Health and Safety Executive, other frontline experience includes Higher Education, Further Education and the public sector. A seasoned Health and Safety professional with the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, Bryan has a broad range of practical experience in the provision of advice and guidance, development of policies and procedures, and preparation and delivery of bespoke training. His primary responsibilities involve providing consultancy and training support to his portfolio of clients across Scotland and the North of England.
Further Information

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