At Gallagher Bassett, we believe the health and safety of our people, your people and the wider community is of utmost importance. In these uncertain times, we hope to bring you some clarity around the coronavirus, how it may affect your business, and what we can do together to slow the spread and get back to our lives. Please make use of the below resources, and feel free to share them around with your family, friends co-workers, and clients. 

The Gallagher Bassett Podcast

As we continue to adapt to COVID-19 and faced with a new way of working, The Gallagher Bassett Podcast will look at the affects COVID-19 is having within the industry and the implications it has brought. Join us as your hosts GB Technical Director, Andy Sewell and GB Client Services Manager, Rob Glenister speak to a variety of industry experts to assess the situation and what it will mean for specific sectors of the insurance industry. You can access the podcast here.

Claims 2020: What Next? 

Claims 2020: What Next?


Gallagher Bassett leaders assess the impact of COVID-19 and the impact that it has had within the claims industry. With contributions from trusted partners find out how our sector has been affected and what we expect to see happen in 2021. You can download the document here.



How we can help:

Find out how Gallagher Bassett can support your businesses throughout COVID-19: 

burst resourcing

Whatever you need, whenever and wherever you need it. Gallagher Bassett Burst Resourcing offer a range of Risk Management and Claims solutions to manage bursts of activity. Find out more here.

returning to work banner

Risk Assessing and Preparing your work space for the New Normal - retail, offices and other places of work are reopening and Gallagher Bassett are ready to provide the necessary expertise and resources to support you. Find out more here.


Gallagher Bassett Risk Consulting operate a risk solution network providing guidance, support and solutions assisting clients to mitigate risk and enhance defensibility to become a more resilient business through the reduction of claims. Find out more here.


The market is now seeing an increase in claims attributable to the lockdown measures put in place by international governments across the globe. For many policy coverages remain uncertain and in some cases no cover is available leaving customers confused and in a number of cases facing significant financial issues. Find out how we can support you here.


The COVID-19 crisis has thrown much of the world and the business community into a state of uncertainty. The market anticipates the overwhelming majority of claims will be made against commercial property or business package policies. In anticipation of the surge GB has formed a specialised team consisting of experienced professionals organised to assist carriers in process management, and more importantly, driving superior outcomes. Find out more here.

Ask Our Experts

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